Appeared on CCTV in America

2016.12.4 18:31

I started the Ikebana Experience especially for tourists. They asked me to take part in this new program on last August and I was moved by their passion and words, “This is not a touristy job. We want to create a platform to communicate each other in the world and it makes a new world we can understand more each other for a sustainable future and peaceful world”.

Exquisite Ikebana

Dive deep into a precise art with a seasoned teacher.

Airbnbさんの投稿 2016年11月16日

I went to LA for the launching event of this new project of Airbnb and was charged to talk to the world press people as a representative of Japan.


Here is a movie I appeared on the news  CCTV NEWS



The founder of Airbnb did a powerful presentation.


I met a lot of press people and felt grateful to talk about Ikebana and Japanese culture.


With other experience hosts. Such a diversity!

More details are here. I enjoyed LA to the full!



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