Atelier Soka ーIkebana class (Japanese flower arrangement) in English.
3 studios in Tokyo (Setagaya. Omote-sando.Roppongi)

There are both an Ikebana experience for tourists and a trial lesson for potential students who live in Tokyo. Ikebana is not just a flower arrangement but an art. Looking forward to seeing you at my studios in Tokyo. All lessons are conducted in English.


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IKEBANA Experience for Tourists


Atelier Soka is Ikebana Class prisided over by Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. We have Ikebana class at 3 locations in Tokyo, Roppongi, Omotesando, and Setagaya. We are afraid that we closed Setagaya class for a while to avoid 3 Cs because of COVID-19. But the Roppongi class and Omotesando Class are open. We have wide and clean space and please feel safe to come to our class. A trial lesson is welcomed at both classrooms. Please contact us about details!

We think that Ikebana should be the art. We believe we can express something through flowers. If you are interested in Japanese floral art, please let us know. We have a trial lesson that will be conducted in English for English speakers. The class locations are Omotesando and Ropongi. Both are very accessible and convenient places.

What is the image of Ikebana? Sometimes they say Ikebana is conservative and strict for rules. But actually Ikebana is modern art and everyone can enjoy Ikebana at any place with any materials. Please come to our trial lesson casually in a light-hearted mood. We are looking forward to seeing you in our class.

Ikebana Artist, Mika Otani, has Ikebana class "Atelier Soka" . We have 3 locations, but unfortunately we close Setagaya class now because of Covid-19 situation. But we open Omotesando Class and Roppongi Class. We are looking forward to seeing you in our class room. Please contact us about a trial lesson!

I'm Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. I'm arranging Ikebana for movies, TV drama, and events, but I also have Ikebana Class and teach Ikebana to anyone. My class has a trial lesson, so don't hesitate to challenge Ikebana. I post my Ikebana work a lot to my facebook and instagram. My instagram ID is mikaotani_flowers. Please check a beautiful Ikebana world!

Some people think Ikebana class is consevative and very strict. Don't be afraid! Sogetsu school Ikebana has a lively spirit and we are never restricted from some old formula styles. Please don't worry about the dress code. T shirt and jeans are enough to inspire your creativity. The important thing is to arrange flowers, enjoy yourselves and spark your artistic sense.

Atelier Soka conducted by the top Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, is Ikebana class of Sogetsu school. We have more than 600 schools in Ikebana world and each school has each philosophy and principles. The policy of Sogetsu school is " Anyone can enjoy Ikebana at anyplace with any materials". Sogetsu has 120 branches and study groups in 38 countries. After you learn Ikebana in Tokyo, you can teach Ikebana in your country and continue to learn all over the world.

If a teacher arrange Ikebana, you don't have to create the exactly same one. In European style flower arrangement class, students try to copy the teacher's work. In Ikebana, students try to create their own Ikebana work, putting their new idea, featuring on a part of plants, and reflecting what they are.

Atelier Soka is conducting Ikebana lessons in English. Many foreign students who are living in Tokyo are coming to the class. If you want to try a first lesson, please let us know by email. The master teacher of Atelier Soka, Mika Otani, has done the Ikebana demonstration in English on Instagram live. Please check the movie on IGTV :

News! Mika Otani will have an Ikebana demonstration on Instagram Live. The date is August 24th ( Monday). Time is from 3:30 pm in Japan. This event is hosted by New Delhi Branchi (India) of Ikebana Sogetsu School. There are special guests, the president of New Delhi Branch, Mrs. Veena Dass and the wife of Japanese ambassador. You can see how to create Ikebana, all procedures. Please come to instagram directly. Instagram ID is mikaotani_flowers. The link is here.

Kenzan(needle-pin holder), Ikebana scissors and vases. There are some special tools to learn Ikebana. We present them to you after you decide to continue Ikebana lessons. So you don't have to worry about buying many tools. All you need is your inspiration to create Ikebana. Let's express yourself through flowers.

If you arrange just one flower, the atmosphere of your room will be changed a lot. Flowers can give us the power and they heal us gently. Flowers has their own season, so they tell us the seasonal mood. If you arrange a sunflower, you can get full of summer energy even though it keeps raining everyday.

People are sometimes worried about what if Ikebana is too difficult or what if the teacher is too strict. No way! Don't hesitate to come to our trial lesson, and enjoy flowers and your time when you can release your stress. You don't need special flower experience. Let's enjoy! We are looking forward to seeing you at our Ikebana class.

Because of self-quarantine and remote working, the time we spend at home is getting longer and longer. Let's arrange flowers and release your stress. They say even only 1 flower changes the atmosphere of the room. Ikebana is Japanese floral art, but in the meaning of ordinary life, Ikebana has the power to release your stress and empower you a lot. Let's borrow the power from flowers!

The founder of Sogetsu Ikebana School, Sofu Teshigahara, said, "When set in Ikebana, flowers become human" Even though students use the same flower materials, their Ikebana works will be different because each personality will come out in each work. That's why Ikebana is difficult and attractive. We are waiting for you at a trial lesson conducted in English. Please contact us for details.

We have been closed our Ikebana class for 2 months, but we reopened our classes since June!!! We are really looking forward to meeting new students. If you are interested in Ikebana, please contact us. We have Ikebana lessons conducted in English. It's not just for English speakers. You will jump in our regular class where many Japanese are creating their beautiful Ikebana works. But teachers speak English, so you don't have to worry about language barriers. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

We say that Ikebana should incorporate the space around flowers. Not only flowers, we use the space effectively. The space is not something that should be filled in. The space is something that should be created. Ikebana is the art that makes flowers match to the space. If you study Ikebana, you will definitely be surprised with the unique and powerful floral art.

Flowers have power to heal your stress. If you are living in Tokyo, why don't you try to start Ikebana, Japanese traditional floral art. We reopened regular classes. If you want to try, please let us know. You are always welcome!

We reopen our Omotesando Class and Roppongi class for the first time in 2 months. Setagaya class will be closed for a while as it is my home apartment and it doesn't have enough space. We have to close the special Ikebana course for tourists for long as it's difficult to come to Japan from foreign countries now. I'm posting a lot of Ikebana photos to my instagram . Even though we can't see for a while, I strongly hope we can connect on SNS. Please enjoy flowers and Ikebana with photos.

We will reopen our classes from June. We have closed all 3 classes for a while because of COVID-19 situation, but the state of emergency for Tokyo was lifted. We will open Roppongi class and Omotesando class ( please check the schedule on our schedule page), but we will stop to reopen Setagaya class for a while as Setagaya class is my apartment and small space. As for the special course for tourists, we have to think about the possibility for long. We are not sure that our guests can come to Tokyo from foreign countries now. But we believe we can win against the virus and we can meet freely some day! Looking forward to seeing you from the bottom of our heart.

I'm doing Instagram Live every Thursday (9:00 PM) and teaching "Easy& Simple Ikebana that anyone can do" Now we have to close our classes because of COVID-19 and we can't see you for a while. That's why this Instagram Live is a kind of remote lessons. Next Live will be on May 28 ( Thursday). I'm looking to seeing you there. My Instagram account is mikaotani_flowers.

The state of emergency of Tokyo was prolonged by the end of May. We decided to close our 3 Ikebana Classes in Tokyo ( Setagaya, Omote-sando, Roppongi) till the end of May. We really hope this will end soon, then we see you again in a class room safely. Stay home and stay safe! Be flowers with you!

Now my 3 Ikebana Classes in Tokyo, "Atelier Soka" (Setagaya Class&Omotesando Class&Roppongi Class), are closed now for the state of emergency of Tokyo. I wish if I can convey flower feeling to you at home, then I upload the movie of my Ikebana Demonstration in Hongkong to my instagram It will be grateful it entertain you a little bit even if you have to stay at home. Please enjoy it!

Now we are forced stressful life like we cannot go out freely because of corona virus. How about arranging one flower in you room? Flowers have special power to heal our stress. If you arrange just 1 flower in a glass or in a cup, the atmosphere will be changed a lot. Please try and let's survive this terrible situation!

Tokyo Ikebana Class "Atelier Soka" is now closed because of the state of emergency. We are planning to reopen at the beginning of May, but We're not sure when we can open our class again because everything is depending on the virus situation. We hope all of you will be healthy and fine and pray that we can overcome this situation.

Now we cannot the special Ikebana Experience for tourists in these tough situation that everyone is fighting against the virus, but we open regular class with fewer students. We need to see and touch flowers to release our terrible stress.

They say flowers can heal the stress. Now we are forced stressful life under the fight against coronavirus. One flower can change the atmosphere of a room. Please try to arrange flowers at home. They can help to take away our stress.

There is no right way to arrange Ikebana. It's a sort of miracle that you encounter the flower, and the way of arranging is coming from yourself with the help of flowers. Why don't you try to do Ikebana if you are living in Tokyo?

If you are living in Tokyo, please jump in our regular Ikebana class. Atelier Soka is one of the official class of Sogetsu School. You can apply certifications and diploma for a teacher after appropriate learning.

Ikebana is a Japanese traditional flower arrangement, but more than that. If you arrange flowers, you will travel into yourself. Ikebana will be reflected by yourself. You talk with flowers like you talk with yourself.

Our class has a trial lesson for beginners. We teach gently how to hold scissor, how to fix flowers in KENZAN ( spike-pin holder) , and so many rules of Ikebana. If you haven't arranged flowers before, don't hesitate to try a new floral art. We are always waiting your new challenge!

Ikebana is unique from other flower arranging style. First of all we create the space. People think the space is something that we have to fill in, but we think the space is something that we have to create. The sense of space is crucially important for Ikebana. Secondly we love all plants materials, from seeds pod, trunk, brunch, lichen on a branch and so on. Only flowers are not beautiful. Every natural plants have each beauty and each history. Why don't you try an amazing Japanese art, Ikebana if you are living in Tokyo? If you are a tourist, please come to our special Ikebana program as follows.CLICK HERE

2020 is the Olympic year! Tokyo will have a special moment to have a lot of guests from all over the world. We're so excited to see the world is getting curious about Japanese culture. Ikebana is one of the representative Japanese traditional culture. If you are living in Tokyo, please come to our regular class! If you are an tourist, we have a special Ikebana program for you as follow:CLICK HERE

The Lesson schedule of Atelier Soka is really flexible! Each student book the favorite place and time on the net ( We have 3 locations in Tokyo). Students can manage their lessons schedule by themselves. As for Omotesando class and Roppongi class are open till 10:00 pm, so even if your working schedule is hectic, you can come to the class after your business. If you are a tourist, we have a special course to experience Ikebana at Ryokan ( a Japanese traditional hotel). Please check the details from the above button "Ikebana Experience for Tourists" Let's enjoy Ikebana together!

Sogetsu School thinks Ikebana should be an art. Of course, we learn traditional flower styles and every basic technique at first, but after that creative world will wait for you. If you are living in Tokyo, please don't hesitate to jump into our class. If you are tourists, we have a special course "100 mins fun Ikebana experience." CLICK HERE

Sogetsu Ikebana is called as a living sculpture. The founder of Sogetsu Ikebana school, Sofu Teshigahara said that Ikebana may be comparable to painting, music or sculpture. I really love this word and I'm trying to create Ikebana like painting, music or sculpture. The goal is really high, that's why Ikebana is interesting.

Atelier Soka teaches Ikebana in English. If you live in Tokyo and are interested in Ikebana a little bit, please don't hesitate to challenge! You can feel the authentic traditional Japanese art through flowers. If you are a tourist, we have a special course to experience Ikebana at Ryokan ( a Japanese traditional hotel).

Even if people have the same paint, they don't do the same drawing. Ikebana is like a picture. Even if we have the same flower materials, the expression is limitless. Ikebana is the coincidence that each personality meets each flower material by chance. Ikebana is a miracle meeting with each person and flowers.

When we are living in a big city, we are gradually withered like flowers that run short of freshwater. We need to breathe and touch nature. When we are arranging flowers, we can relax and forget a hectic life. Flowers give us the power to live vividly. Please feel the power of flowers with Ikebana.

Sogetsu Ikebana doesn't insist on just traditional flower style. As the 1st president, Sofu Teshigahara, said that if set in Ikebana, flowers cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human-being. Sogetsu Ikebana is an expressive way to show each idea and personality.

Ikebana is a Japanese traditional flower arrangement, but Sogetsu Ikebana isn't insisting on being just traditional that follows established styles and rules. Sogetsu Ikebana is called as a living sculpture. Ikebana should be art like music, drawing, and sculpture.

Ikebana class Atelier Soka ( Sogetsu school) has 3 locations in Tokyo, Omotesando, Roppongi, and Setagaya. Students can come any locations to fit their schedule. The trial lesson will wait for you! Lets start to study Japanese cultural art.

Ikebana and other flower arrangements have a lot of differences. The biggest difference is space. People think space is something to be filled in, but we think space is something to create. With space, we can realize beautiful lines of plants and details of flowers.

The way of learning Ikebana is unique. You can take an individual lesson by a teacher in a class situation. Each student studies each theme, so if you look around in a class, you see everyone is making a different structure with different flowers. To observe other's Ikebana can be a learning Ikebana.

The policy of Ikebana Sogetsu School is that anyone can enjoy Ikebana at any place with any materials. We feel the atmosphere of the display place, then create Ikebana works that will match that atmosphere. If you place Ikebana at your home, the atmosphere will be changed surprisingly. Ikebana work is a powerful art.

Ikebana trial lessons have 2 kinds of classes. One is for tourists. Guests can enjoy Ikebana at a beautiful Japanese hotel called RYOKAN. Another is for people who live in Tokyo. Potential students can take part in a regular class and see the atmosphere of a regular lesson.

As for Ikebana, we arrange every flower material from seeds pod, tree trunk, drifted trees, leaves, branches, moss, roots, and every part of plants. We believe every small part of plants is beautiful as well as flowers.

The famous word of Sofu Teshigahara, the 1st president of Sogetsu school is as follows: "When setting in Ikebana, flowers cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human in Ikebana. That makes Ikebana interesting and also difficult" I always remember these words and start to arrange Ikebana.

Students are learning the sense of Ikebana gradually according to the Sogetsu official textbook written in English with many photos and diagrams. Everybody is a beginner when they start to do something new. You don't have to worry about anything, enjoy your Ikebana time.

In Tokyo materialism, we spend our hectic ordinary life. But we are seeking for mother nature in a deep point of our heart. If we touch flowers and leaves, we can recover something we lost.

Ikebana is called " Living Sculpture". If we copy nature, we can never transcend nature. We transform the beauty of nature into our own art, picking up the new beauty of nature and putting in our new ideas, and sometimes reflecting what we are.

You don't have to sit on Tatami Mat. You don't have to speak Japanese. Please relax and indulge yourself in the flower Ikebana world. You face flowers and you face your self. The 1st president of the Sogetsu school, Soufu Teshigahara said, "When setting in Ikebana, flowers cease to be just flowers. Flowers become human in Ikebana.

The unique style of teaching Ikebana means that each student receives individual attention within a classroom setting. Students will also get the opportunity to work with other students, observe other students’ Ikebana arrangements as well as receive individual instruction from the teacher.

Flowers give you power and calmness. Ikebana faces flowers and faces yourself. You dip yourself in the ultimate calm to stress out. Why don't you give it a try if you live in Tokyo? Ikebana gives you a new perspective through flowers.

You don't have to sit on TATAMI room while Ikebana lesson. You can come to the Ikebana class with a casual outfit. You don't have to worry about the language barrier because the class is conducted in English. Let's give it a try! Ikebana lessons will inspire you a lot.

Atelier Soka is the Ikebana Class of Sogetsu school. There are more than 600 schools in the Ikebana world, and each school has each principle and spirituality. Sogetsu school believes Ikebana should be the art. Let's create your floral art in the middle of Tokyo.

Ikebana Lessons at Atelier Soka are conducted in English, so you don't have to worry about speaking Japanese. There are about 10 lesson days in a month at three different locations. You may make a reservation by choosing your favorite day, time, and location. You may study at your own pace.

KADO is the Japanese traditional flower arrangement and also the art in modern times. We have 3 locations in Tokyo ( Omotesando, Roppongi, Setagaya) and you can come to any place freely. The class is conducted in English. You don't have to worry about the language barrier.

People get worried about what if Ikebana lessons would be too strict with manners. You can come to my class in jeans, and you don't have to sit on Tatami. Please come with a casual outfit. The important thing is to face flowers and to face yourself.

Ikebana is a Japanese traditional flower arrangement. But it has a lot of differences in comparison to European flower arrangement with its philosophy and ideas. Atelier Soka welcomes guests from all over the world, and they are enjoying Ikebana because our class is conducted in English.

We have an Ikebana trial lesson for potential students who live in Tokyo. Please ask us directly by email. If you are a tourist, we have a particular Ikebana experience lesson at a beautiful Japanese inn. Here is the link