Ikebana for Netflix “Naked Director2”

2021.7.21 16:55

I arranged Ikebana for Netflix serial drama “Naked Director.  My gorgeous Ikebana occupied 1 room of Japanese exquisite restaurant because this drama featured bubble era of Japan. I felt excited to hear this drama would be viewed all over the world, 190 countries. I arranged a lot!
This Ikebana appear on the episode 4.  I sit down at the seat on the 3rd photo. The actress will be sitting exactly on this seat and my mission is to make the actress look more gorgeous and more divine. I took part in a closes fitting session and decided the theme color with an art director. The theme color of this Ikebana is white and green.
I arranged bleached palm leaves, glory lilies, Enkianthus perulatus, and drifted woods.
Just in case. Please note that this is not a movie that you enjoy with your family and children.
This is the side view!
This Ikebana is created with a lot of mossed branches. This symbolize the character who will sit down in front of flowers. He is a mastermind behind political and business world. I implied his character with Ikebana.
This Ikebana were not planned before. The art director came up with an idea suddenly and asked me “ Can you arrange a big Ikebana here???” I had only 2 drifted trees as left over materials and was wondering how I could stand them by themselves. But his face was full of passion and then I realized that I really love this strange movie world. I naturally said “Yes!” to him. So many unexpected things happen suddenly, but all staffs are absorbed in creating the unreal world perfectly as if they are delirious. We create the non-existent world beautifully as if that is a real world before actors come in. All staffs has great passions and we don’t care the decoration and settings will appear on the screen or not. It’s really magical world and maybe I got the fever of movie already. I’m really proud of myself to be a member of this crazy world.
This scene was cut. But I feel like fully completed. The movie world is strange and addictive!
I arranged this Ikebana in 5 mins. The art director run to me on shooting and said “ Arrange Ikebana here! Maybe here is be appeared on the scene. The shooting will start start in 15 mins!!!” I run and run with a bucket that kept left-over materials and arranged in 5 mins. The shooting is like always full of happenings.
I decorated the Chozuya (a traditional place to clean hands) with leftover drifted trees. I make purple orchid float on water surface and I realized the water effect was really nice than I thought. I put mosquito coil besides me. There were a lot of mosquitoes. When I do Ikebana job outside in summer, I always bring mosquito coil.
This symbolizes the character who is a mastermind behind political and business world.Silent, but stubborn!
Inside story behind the scene. I was mesmerized when I saw the actor changed his character from himself to his acting character quickly! Takayuki Yamada acted the main character. He climbed the stairs as the character, but after “ cut” voice of a director, he came down the stairs as himself. It was totally different person. It is like a dual personality. On the stairs, I could see the 2 persons.
I made a short movie how to create a big Ikebana with drifted trees. Please check!

I made an album of many photos for this movie on Facebook.


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Thank you for reading!
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