BBC Movie: People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan

2021.8.15 17:12


Ikebana decoration for the movie People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan by BBC Film, 2021 British comedy film
I arranged some Ikebana works for the decoration of movie setting of a popular British movie. But this movie wasn’t released in Japan. I don’t have a chance to see my Ikebana on screen and I don’t know how my Ikebana works were appeared on the movie. Maybe my name, Ikebana artist Mika Otani, is on the end credits hopefully! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for me If anyone who are living in England and have a chance to see this movie, please check! I decorated the scene of hotel entrance and a room of a prestigious Japanese restaurant.
I prepared Ikebana at my home.  Ikebana will be placed at the entrance of hotel, so they are huge!  My small dining room was like jungle!
This is a restaurant situation version. It assume the highly prestigious Japanese restaurant.
This one was also prepared at my home.  I arranged colored beautiful spindle trees, drifted trees and red berries!
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