“Traditional Cultural Experience Concept Movie” by the Tokyo Metropolitan  Government

2021.6.10 14:44

I really appreciate the opportunity to take tart in “Traditional Cultural Experience Concept Movie” by the Tokyo Metropolitan  Government.

This can be downloaded at the Tokyo Media Center (TMC) set up by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to serve as a media coverage base for domestic and international media during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

“Tokyo boasts an incredibly vibrant and diverse cultural landscape. This movie introduces a portion of this, from elements of traditional Japanese culture that many recognize today to some of the top traditional Japanese arts.” We hope you’ll be able to experience and enjoy the awe-inspiring culture of Edo and Tokyo—nurtured by the wisdom of everyday life and enhanced by a deeply refined sense of aesthetics—for yourself.”
I really wish someday people from all over the world can come to Tokyo freely and experience Japanese culture face to face. With strong belief we can overcome this coronavirus situation definitely!!!

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