The last episode of dram shooting “Born to be a flower”

2018.11.28 15:01

The Ikebana I put all my power, and all my soul is the last arrangement of the main character, Momo.  The final Ikebana scene shows Momo’s decision. She decided to go away from the traditional school that she should become the president of and establish her Ikebana school. She also understood what true love is. Her Ikebana shows her resolution. She will genuinely keep her feet on the ground and do Ikebana for all the people in the world because the traditional school is sometimes too snobbish.

I arranged all kinds of flowers to show how each flower has each uniqueness and attractiveness. They can be arranged with harmony and unity as well as human beings.

I used happy and gentle pastel colors reflected by her mind.  The butterflies (actually made from bird’s feather) are flying in the Ikebana as a symbol of happiness.

There is also essential Ikebana assumed that two sisters created on the competition to decide which are more eligible to be the next president.

The script says both of 2 is incredibly awesome but completely different. The younger sister explodes her passion and her anger. I reflected her emotion in Ikebana with using colorful painted geometric structure( originally they are dried hemp stocks).

This is Ikebana that Momo arranges in front of friends who haven’t seen Ikebana before. The actress has to arrange from behind, and that is a difficult technique as an arranger cannot see the front view at all by their side. I designed this structure that would be easier to arrange and look gorgeous comparatively. The shooting was repeating more than ten times to take just 1 scene, so if she cuts one branch, I have to prepare over ten branches.

This is Ikebana assumed that Momo arranged for a stylish magazine.

I appeared as one of her assistants on this scene.

This is for the opening footage before each episode will start.

I tried to reflect Momo’s nobleness and stylishness.

This is for Momo’s demonstration. In the 1st episode, she arranged three works and one colossal work. This is the first one she demonstrated. I used steel grass, baby breath, and flamingo lily then created the beautiful curved lines and hazy atmosphere.

The demo scene should have finished in one day, but it didn’t.  I had to create each same Ikebana 1 week later. Those kinds of things happened a lot in drama shooting, and that made me have a tough time. Ikebana incorporates natural lines, and its shape is like improvisational.  It’s tough and hard to create the same form again and again.

This is 2nd demo work using beautiful natural vines.

This is “Love’ flower for a beautiful couple.

They are getting closer to arranging Ikebana together. The actor and actress also tried to do Ikebana from behind. We practiced a lot again and again. Formerly a director shooted this scene only with one cut, but unfortunately we cannot see the whole scene as a director had to edit that because of the running short of broadcasting time.

This is a decoration for a bicycle shop that Momo’s boyfriend is running. Momo is waiting for him who was hospitalized with tons of flowers.

This setting was in a real shopping street.

Two precious, memorable photo for me. One is with an actor and actresses ( Ikebana family in drama)

One is with Momo.  We have been together for four months and working very hard with cheering up one another.  We are like the sister in arms.

My Instagram. I uploaded my all works in this drama.

Ikebana gallery of the official drama homepage.

Thanks a lot for reading a long blog. I’m happy and grateful to have an excellent opportunity to show Ikebana to many people. I will be thankful if someone who saw this drama will be inspired to learn Ikebana.

Please look at my Instagram.  My ID is mikaotani_flowers. The link is here:   You can feel what Ikebana is.

Please look at my Instagram.  My  ID is mikaotani_flowers. The link is here:  I’m uploading a lot of Ikebana photos.  My recent works are always on Instagram.

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