How to make the Ikebana show in Hong Kong

2024.2.20 11:51

In March 2019, I participated in the Hong Kong Flower Show and performed an ikebana demonstration on stage. The Hong Kong Flower Show is one of the largest flower shows in the world.

I served as the final performer on that stage. This is an ikebana show that was created with the support of the members of the Sogetsu School Hong Kong Branch, and everyone came together as one.

I uploaded everything from the preparations to the behind-the-scenes videos to Instagram Reel, but since there are so many people who don’t watch Instagram, I wanted as many people as possible to see it, so I decided to upload it to Youtube. I uploaded it.

I have uploaded 6 videos in total, 3 videos for the preparation version and 3 videos for the actual stage version.
The show is going on in English, so you can enjoy more as if you were in a guest in front of the stage.
Please take a look!

Preparation Part1

Preparation Part2

Preparation Part3

On the stage Part 1

On the stage Part 2

On the stage Part 3

I upload various videos to Youtube.

If you have time, please check out my other videos.

Fun Ikebana at home by Mika Otani

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