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My appearance on TV

2017.7.14 20:21

I was teaching “How to arrange flwoers” especially for beginners on TV. That program was already on air and it’s only in Japanese, but you can see the program here, the link below.

Ikebana for beginners on TV

At first all the guest who are in studio, a powerful politician,  an actor,  2 comedians, and so on, try to arrange flowers and feel how difficult it is. All vases are moved from my class, but they are chosen in one point that beginner can see them in a common interior shop, not in a special Ikebana shop. My all favorite vases were cancelled by TV staff as they looked like so professional.


The famous politician used a blue vase, so that container is now the most popular vase in my class as  “A container of power broker”

The first  location place is a flower shop that I always order flower materials for my Ikebana class. I talk about how to judge the quality of a flower shop and how to select flower materials effectively. In Japan, as you know the situation will be different in each country, a flower shop that has a small cooler, not a big cooler, is a good shop. They are confident to sell out all flowers quickly and that means there are few old and bad flowers in that shop. As for selection of flowers, I recommend to buy leaves and branches in addition to flowers. They can add movement and tension to an arrangement easily.

We move to my Roopongi class and Mr. Kasuga( a famous comedian) and Ms.Kei ( a horribly popular singer) try to arrange flowers after their choice of vase. I tell that a transparent glass container is difficult especially for beginners. We have to care about inside of vase because we can see everything inside of it. Opaque vases are better. We talk about how to decide the length of flowers and how to arrange them to catch eyes of  viewers.

With Mr.Kasuga and Ms.Kei. They are friendly and lovely persons and I felt relaxed with them when we were shooting.  Appreciate their generosity and kindness.

I arranged a lot as examples to show how to manipulate flowers. But we cannot put a lot of information in a short time, so almost my Ikebanas were remained on the shelves. Yes, it happens. Anyway taking part in a TV program was exciting thing for me.

The second part of the movie was released!

2017.5.9 09:55

Finally the second part of the movie that I arranged Ikebana works as an Ikebana artist was released and is playing at theaters all over Japan.

Here is a movie trailer and you can see a little bit of my Ikebana.

The director ordered me to make Ikebana that reflected each personality of each character. This guy is called as ” The child of God” as he is a genius in SHOGI world ( SHOGI is a Japanese chess and this movie is about a story that shows inside drama of people who live in SHOGI world)

People think he is weird as his conversation is strange. They believe that he is weird because he is a genius. Actually some genius are really so as they are too smart. However they realize the hidden fact that he is deaf. He hides that and he replies with his imagination in talking with others.  I arranged dogwood and expresses her purity and tranquility covers him up. When he sits down in front of my arrangement, he looks like having 2 wings at his back from the front view.

Can you see another Ikebana arrangement at back in the trailer?

This is an important scene that a young protagonist gets enlightened like being hit by a thunder bolt. I painted a drifted wood with white and expresses the enlightenment and shows the ambition of a young guy with fresh green leaves.

One more arrangement is the one with cherry blossom branches. One game of  SHOGI takes a long hours, sometimes it takes 20 hours. I dropped some flowers on TATAMI on purpose to show the time passage.

I uploaded photos of my Ikebana arrangement in this movie, part 1 and 2,  to Facebook album. Please check it out.  Ikebana arrangements in a movie

The arrangements in the first part of this movie was written in my past blog here.

My Ikebana in the movie, the first part.

On the ELLE online

2017.5.6 17:56

My Ikebana experience for tourists was reported on the ELLE online( Internet version of the magazine”ELLE JAPAN”)  The page is here: ELLE ONLINE CULTURE

I made a photo album of my Ikebana experience on Facebook. The album is here: Ikebana experience photo album

I’ve absorbed in wonderful encounters and interactions with people who are from all over the world!

FYI about my Ikebana experience is here:


Ikebana experience reported on ELLE ONLINE