CNBC, American TV , broadcast about Mika and her Ikebana experience for tourists

2016.12.31 22:12

CNBC covered my Ikebana experience for tourists. Here is the video.
We tried Airbnb’s new trip experience platform

I’m doing 2 kinds of Ikebana experiences especially for tourists who are from other countries through Airbnb.

3 hours experience is here Ikebana and delectable Macha

2 days experience is here Exquisite Ikebana
I’d like to show some scene of my Ikebana Experience.

Meeting at the nearest station to my home studio
Showing around my neighbor area. My apartment is built on a long shopping street and this kind of  traditional shopping  street is rare even in Tokyo.

Talking about the history and philosophy of Ikebana.
I demonstrate to create a traditional flower style at first with a lot of explanation.
After demo, guests are trying to create by themselves.
After Ikebana time, I will make Macha ( tea ceremony green tea) in front of guests with a bamboo whisk.

Every time I meet  new guests, I am inspired by diversified backgrounds and culture they have. I can get enough of interaction with the world!

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