In a Japanese fashion magazine “ar”

2017.8.10 15:54

I was teaching how to arrange Ikebana to a beautiful popular idol in a magazine “ar”. This magazine is the most stylish magazine especially for younger generation in Japan. I feel grateful to be on that popular magazine. This special article was published in serial issue, August issue and September issue.

On August issue she is creating the basic vertical flower style of Sogetsu school. The basic structure helps beginners to understand the sense of space that is an important element in Ikebana. Of course she is learning how to use scissors and Kenzan (a needle pin holder)


On September issue she challenged to create a free style.

She is a popular idol. She is doing model, actress, singer simultaneously and working around the clock, but she is decent and positive person and was absorbed herself  in Ikebana world in a limited time.

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