VR Ikebana Experience

2018.4.9 13:31

I supervised the VR Ikebana Experience.  It was a big challenge even for me to combine the authentic traditional art with the technology.

If you set a virtual reality headset, you can immediately enter a beautiful Tatami room and see all flowers are prepared for you to arrange.  Your gear will be your scissors.  Even if you’ve never been to Japan, you can feel you fly to Japan and experience a Japanese art, Ikebana.  Here is a promotion movie.

This challenging program participated the biggest instructive festival, SXSW2028 in Texas and many guests enjoyed Ikebana through VR headset.

This program is conducted in English so as many people as possible can experience Ikebana all over the world.



I really hope Ikebana fly to anywhere in the world and people who are interested in Japan can do Ikebana casually.

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