Bamboo works in drama shootings

2018.10.11 14:29

I’d like to talk about drama shooting more as I made more than 170 works.  Today I’d like to explain my bamboo woks in the drama.  I belong to Sogetsu school and they say there are more than 500 schools in Ikebana world. As for Sogetsu school, we are good at using bamboo a lot.  Since the 3rd headmaster, Hiroshi Teshigahara, found the new way of using bamboos, all the members of Sogetsu school are mesmerizing at diversity of bamboos.

Assuming that here is a beautiful hotel lounge where Ikebana artists are charged in all decoration, I decorated a huge space with a lot of bamboo works.

If you see the Ikebana besides an actor, it’s easy to imagine how big it is.  Originally this place was a pier on script, but the director loves Ikebana passionately and he changed the place to the hotel lounge with Ikebana decoration. Old guy wants to exploit a young guy  in this scene. I made Ikebana to make it reflect the horrible influence of an old guy to a young guy. It looks like bamboo are almost attacking him from backward.

This is another Ikebana in a shooting.  Assumed that here is a bath room of the president,  the director asked me to make Ikebana that make him look like a God.

With an actor, Fumiyo Kohinata, who is a famous actor in Japan and he is always kind and warm and cheer up all staffs. But in shooting, his character never smile as he is a strict and silent president of a Ikebana school.

In the second shooting in a bathroom, I used bamboos again.  WARIDAKE, split bamboo is surprisingly soft and flexible and we can express beautiful curved lines.

This is a renewal show of one Ikebana artist.  The shooting was done at club space.The dancers show sexy and powerful performance among bamboo structure.I used bamboo also at the apartment of main character.  The theme is stylish and sophisticated atmosphere as main character is a daughter of the president.

If I used tropical materials, the wall decoration of bamboo can be tropical.

This colorful composition used in one love scene.  The director told me, “Let’s make a mermaid castle”.  I painted a lot of materials with soft and light colors and tried to make a mermaid castle where a new love will be born.The structure that looks like coral is one made from combining a lot of branches that I painted with white.

I have more works to talk about.  To be continued later.

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