Ikebana in a commercial film “DAZN”

2018.12.1 12:35

I arranged a unique Ikebana for a commercial film. It is about a sports TV, DAZN, and the film is for the UEFA Champions League of European football.

The film is a hilariously funny one, so I created a playful Ikebana with footballs.

This is the setting.

Well detailed decoration is excellent. Stone looks like real stone, but it is made from styrofoam.

I can see my Ikebana through the hallway.

A dragon holds a football in traditional Japanese painting. Please check and enjoy YouTube movie here.


Please look at my Instagram.  My  ID is mikaotani_flowers. The link is here: https://instagram.com/mikaotani_flowers/  I’m uploading a lot of Ikebana photos.  My recent works are always on Instagram.

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