Lecture”What is Ikebana?”

2023.1.25 19:50

I’ve done a lecture about what is Ikebana and demo at Rakuten Group, Inc.

Rakuten Group, Inc has a lot of non-Japanese employees and its official language is English. All was done in English.
200 employees participated.

After the lecture, I showed Ikebana demonstration to guests.
They are sincere and passionate and the Q&A time after the demo was so fun for me.
While I’m talking, I sometimes realize my own idea.
I arranged beautiful branches that convey the spring is around there.
In front of my Ikebana
I uploaded the clipping of the Q&A movie to my YouTube channel.  Please enjoy!!!
My lecture about Ikebana was uploaded at the homepage of Rakuten Group. Co.
You can see the movie with English subtitles. Please enjoy!
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