US TV show “Now Here This”

2023.4.3 15:01

The US TV show that I will appear is “Now Here This” on PBS(Public Broadcasting Service). This TV show is really popular and continued to series 4. This was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2021.The host of this show is Scott Yoo who is an American conductor and genius violinist.
Scott came to Japan and was inspired by Japanese culture, then he will create a new music work.
I talked with Scott about the philosophy of Japanese art in a beautiful park called Sankeien, then arranged a huge Ikebana in the traditional precious architecture that has 400 years history in the park called Rinsyunkaku.
There is no script. The show is really improvisational. I was actually nervous for the shooting, but all gentle crews and Scott helped me a lot.
When I took photos with Scott, he said “ why don’t all you guys join?” The 1st one is with American crew. The 2nd one is all staffs who took part in this shooting. I was really nervous when the shooting started, but felt so happy at the end. I never forget this great moment forever.
Now I feel honored to take part in this show.
Can’t wait to see the episode in 2024.
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