Celebrating Ikebana “Fly High”

2023.11.21 16:04

I arranged celebratory flowers in Hakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

The tile is ” Fly High”

I arranged a lot of berries because berries had a good meaning in Ikebana. I am praying for further development and hope that the company will be even more fruitful in the future.
What looks like feathers are the leaves of a bleached palm tree.
Ikebana viewed from all around!
We call “SHIHOU SHOUMEN”.  It was intended to be viewed from at any sides. All sides are the front.
It’s in the middle of the room, so you can see it from anywhere around you.
The great thing about ikebana is that you can see different scenery depending on where you look.
Because Ikebana is three-dimensional, it is difficult to take photos, so I post videos on Instagram.

Many photos are posted on Facebook and Instagram, so if you have time, please take a look.

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