Appeared on a fashion magazine “OTONA HYAKKA”

2023.11.7 15:48
An interview conducted at the atelier in Karuizawa will be published in the winter issue of the special edition of the fashion magazine “Beautiful Hundred Flowers” “OTONA HYAKKA”, which will be released on November 7th.
“OTONA HYAKKA” is a magazine that is the older sister version of  “BIJIN HYAKKA”. A sparkling fashion magazine targeting women in their 30s and older.
Aiming to become an adult who can control her own mood, they interviewed  Mika Otani on the themes of  “setting up a home where she can be a home” and “creating a space.”
The editor and photographer  took the pictures very carefully, trying to get a good picture, and I was moved by their enthusiasm! I am filled with gratitude.
A long, long time ago, when there was no internet or DTP and people used word processors to write manuscripts, I worked as an editor for a magazine called Orange Page. Reminiscing about that era, I suddenly felt nostalgic.

Shooting in the garden!
I have planted over 20 trees in my garden. These are the children I selected after consulting with the tree farmer in Tsumagoi.
Normally, people would surround their garden with one type of tree , but in my garden, I like to use them as Ikebana flower material, so each type of tree is planted individually. Is it really okay? Even the landscaper was surprised.
Nishikiki, Himeshara, summer goby, forsythia, snow willow, mountain azalea, Himezuki, etc.
I hope to be able to hold a workshop here for the students in my classroom next summer.
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