Appeared on NHK TV show

2023.10.14 18:40


I appeared on NHK’s popular program “ Scold by Chico”

Broadcasting date:
October,6,2023  7:57pm〜8:42pm
For those who don’t know about the program, here’s a summary of the program.
The concept is that a 5-year-old girl (character) named Chico-chan asks Ninety-Nine’s Okamura-san and other guests in the studio the simple questions that only a 5-year-old can ask, and if they can’t answer them, Chico-chan will scold them. Originally an informational variety show where experts explain the answers to the questions on VTR.
Chico-chan’s problem this time was “Why is the color of her poop brown?” The doctor gave a biological explanation, but since it was difficult to show this on TV, he requested that the color change be expressed through flower arrangement.。
The flower arrangement depicts the three steps in which the food that enters the stomach changes color due to various ingredients and finally turns brown.
This is a photo being recorded. I have set lines, so I try my best to remember them. The director asked me, “Just do it with dignity.”
First step. Expressing the red color of hemoglobin!

The second stage is the yellow color of bilirubin.

“I tried to express the transience and fate of red hemoglobin not being able to maintain its color and turning yellow!”
That’s a long line! I practiced over and over again not to bite. Honestly, I was relieved to be able to say it without getting stuck.
3rd work final form Stercobilin color, brown
“What was originally red in the blood becomes brown as it travels through the body! The completed work expresses these changes and the story.”
This line was also long! Well said!
“Please think of a name for your work! “That’s what I was told that day, and the word I came up with was “Road”
Thank you everyone for watching!
I’ve received so many DMs and comments from so many people, I’m so grateful!
Thank you to the staff who came up with the idea! If this had not happened, I don’t think I would have been able to complete this work. When I received the opportunity, an idea started dancing in my head and took shape.
I think there are rewarding moments in life. From that one phone call, I kept creating various plants in my head, and in the end I was able to create a piece of work that I had never imagined.
It was the moment when I truly realized that Ikebana is fun after all.
I post many photos on Facebook and Instagram. Please take a look if you have time.
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