To Rome! At the perfume shop!

2019.11.8 16:30

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I’ve been to Rome on November for Ikebana demonstrations and workshops. The 1st mission in Rome is to arrange Ikebana that is inspired by the new perfume.

Here is the beautiful perfume shop.  Italy has a deep perfume culture and people are seeking their original perfume. Anyway they love perfume.  They are enthusiastic about the coming new flagrance.  Here is the shop URL:




Remembering the Ikebana event in Rome waiting for tomorrow’s evening in Florence, which will see protagonists the masters of @concentus_ikebana_sogetsu, to discover the “Enigmatic Flowers” collection by @floraiku. . 📸 Lorenzo Palombini . Ricordando l’evento Ikebana nel nostro Essential Store di Via Vittoria, Roma, in attesa della serata di domani a Firenze, che vedrà nuovamente protagonisti i maestri della scuola @concentus_ikebana_sogetsu , alla scoperta della collezione “Enigmatic Flowers” di @floraiku. . . . . . . . . #newfragrance #floraiku #floraïku #fragrance #nicheperfume #perfume #parfum #perfumelovers #ikebana #bblogger #luxuryperfume #perfumeaddict #scentoftheday #profumo #campomarzio70 #theessentialculture

CAMPOMARZIO70(@campomarzio70)がシェアした投稿 –

This is the newest perfume named “AO”. “AO” in Japanese means blue.  This perfume has deep stylish Japanese images. Package also has Japanese calligraphy  design.  They sent me the perfume to Tokyo before. When I opened the bottle, the flagrance reminds me of a deep Japanese forest, fresh and leaves odor.  You can buy this perfume online.

The 2nd floor of the shop is the venue for Ikebana demonstration.  After demonstration, we will have a cocktail party at the 1st floor.

As always, when I arrived at Italy, I went out to a flower market to check flowers.  I met this guy in a flower shop.  I realized I was in Rome by him. What a typical gentle Italian guy!   I could feel like I was in a good old Italian movie. As for containers, I borrowed all of them from an amazing Italian potter.

I owed him a lot as he game me a space to prepare Ikebana.  Thank you!!!

In Rome, even a stationery shop is amazing!  The city where Michelangelo and da Vinci were living and working!

文房具さん 対面販売がこちらの基本
A stationery shop in Rome. I bought inks and brushes.

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月8日金曜日


休憩中  lunch break

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月8日金曜日


Painting again on the roof! Beautiful apartment!

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月8日金曜日


Finally on the demonstration day!  My event opened at 7:00 pm.

Many people are coming to see my Ikebana. Feel grateful. Lucio was arranging Ikebana before I start.

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月8日金曜日





The perfume named AO that means blue by Japanese. 青という名前の新作香水をイメージして。 @campomarzio70

Mika Otani 大谷美香(@mikaotani_flowers)がシェアした投稿 –

Please check the movie!

With owner couple.  I brought a blue colored Japanese paper, Washi, from Tokyo, then I arranged flowers, Washi, and blue painted branches.  All images came from the new perfume.


This is Italian famous Youtuber.  When he spoke to me, I just misunderstood he was a guest of the perfume shop.  On the next day, my friends showed me his Youtube, then I understoop.  It’s unique experience!

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