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Ikebana Demonstration in Rome

2019.11.11 17:40

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The 2nd mission in Rome is my demonstration at Rome Japanese culture Institute. The guests came to Rome for this event from all Europe, UK, France, Switzerland, Norway, and do on. I deeply appreciate all guests for their kind applause and warm love.Now I embed many facebook pages. If you click the photo, you can see the big one and if you click the arrowed line, you can see the photo next to next. What a convenient!!


Before the demo in Rome.

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


Let’s start demo

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


The 1st work

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


The 2nd work. I rent a beautiful vase from an Italian artist.

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


The third Ikebana . Dismantled a dried painted big leaf into pieces.

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


The 4th Ikebana. Making a red mass with mai ly chili peppers.

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


The 5th work

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日


The last work at my demo in…

大谷 美香さんの投稿 2019年11月10日日曜日

I arranged totally 6 Ikebana works. I got excited as I could feel the passion and enthusiasm in Ikebana from guests.The most favorite Ikebana for me is work with vase that was created by Italian artist.I wanted to make the most of the original unique texture of the vase, I matched the white fluffy dry materials that I found at a flower market (I don’t know what it is!)

I also love the final Ikebana. I used this vines for the 1st time and I think this is Italian vines. Italian people said they saw this vines usually in countryside. This vines are really common for Italian, not for me. So I felt I could create the fusion between Japan and Italy.

Thank you for reading until the very end!