For Hollywood movie,”Earthquake Bird”

2019.11.15 15:39

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My first presentation, Debut, for Hollywood movie!  I was in charge of decorating all Ikebana in the movie.  The executive producer is Ridley Scott, the director is Wash Westmoreland and most of crews are gathered from all over the world.  The scene is in Tokyo in 1980th and the original story is from the novel, “Earthquake Bird”.
This movie took part in London Film Festival and Tokyo international Film Festival, then now is released on Netflix.

The shooting was in early summer.

I remember the touching moment, when the director saw this Iris, he said, ” Wow, Wow, Beautiful!!!”

I arranged a lot, from a small one to a big one, on the table or on the TOKONOMA, a special alcove to display Ikebana in a Tatami room.
The director wanted to show the change of emotion of the protagonist, so he asked me to show Ikebana would die gradually.  But I I have to show the fresh one and withered one in 24 hours. That was a big challenge for me.  Because flowers can’t wither quickly.  I experimented again and again, then I put some secret technique.  My Ikebana safely withered completely in 24 hours.  I put a lot of efforts to this, but unfortunately this Ikebana scene was cut.
Above Ikebana shows the tangled relationship of movie characters.  Can you feel that???
He is the director, Wash.  He has been in Japan for some years when he was young, so his knowledge and love to Japan are deep.  Surprisingly he has learned Ikebana before. I feel grateful to work with him.  When I saw the ending credits, I was so proud of myself.
I uploaded a lot of photos to Facebook album. If you have some free time, please enjoy them.
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