For the commercial movie of American Express Card

2020.2.13 13:00

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I arranged a special Ikebana for the shooting of the commercial movie of American Express Platinum card.  The movie appeals the merit of Platinum card holder. If People have that card, they can enjoy a special experience, for example they can book an authentic Sushi restaurant that people can’t book normally.

I need to add the mood of speciality to the restaurant with Ikebana.  Ikebana should be simple, but graceful.  I arranged branches of Japanese Apricot with moss and Dahlia simply.

At the entrance os Sushi restaurant, I arranged a small Ikebana with tulips.  They look like welcoming the guests.

I’m always mesmerized by the art decorator team who construct a real house or a real restaurant or anything they want to built. And they built them really quickly in 1 day or 2 days.  This restaurant looks like real, but it is built in a movie studio just for this commercial movie.That’s why the restaurant has no real outside.  As for this job, I feel grateful to work with the famous art director, Yohei Taneda, who is especially famous of the art director of the movie, “Kill Bill”.

I uploaded photos to Facebook.  If you have some free time, please check the link below.

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