Celebrating Ikebana “ Flower Carnival”

2022.5.7 17:08

I arranged a big Ikebana for a house designing company.  The company released a new gorgeous house .   I arranged this Ikebana to celebrate for release of a new design.  

I painted branches of azalea.  The center part is 300 pieces of baby’s breath.

Here is my Ikebana that was completed! Can you feel the celebrating mood?

How to make my Ikebana!

Firstly I made framework with big branches of azalea and mossed cedar trunks. I use always electric impact driver to fix. I arranged painted dried palm leaves at final touch to generate the depth.

Another Ikebana work on the table!

I was ordered to decorate the table with Ikebana, but it’s a difficult space!  The table is really long( 4 meters), but I can’t cover all over the space and need to leave some free space so that guests have a cup of tea or talk with staffs.  There is a beautiful drawing and I need to make a low Ikebana to show that drawing. So the space I was permitted to show my Ikebana  was a little bit unique, surprisingly long but really low and narrow.

So I prepared these materials.

Can you guess how I create my Ikebana with these materials?  

Long, narrow and low Ikebana work with bamboo!

Title is “Mountain-crest”

Firstly I painted bamboos with black and gold.  Because I don’t want to bother a vivid and beautiful drawing.

The long ones are split bamboos.  I put split bamboo on the whole bamboo and make a structure like a balancing toy.

I didn’t fix them firmly, so if wind comes, they are a little bit moving. 

From a side view, you can see Mountain-crest.  Here is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

When I visited the place after the arranged day, I got some photos that showed my Ikebana at night.

The night give it another expression!  I love that!

The movie shooting jobs are  interesting, but at this kind of event many people can come and see my Ikebana works directly and I love this situation.

I really feel happy to hear that guests love my Ikebana a lot!

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