Huge Ikebana to celebrate!

2022.11.26 16:22

For celebrating the opening of a new facility of Kubota corporation, I demonstrated how to arrange a huge Ikebana in front of 400 guests.
The purpose of arranging Ikebana is to celebrate, so I arranged  many auspicious  flower materials in my Ikebana.
Firstly persimmons.  All the berries means a kind of achievement in Ikebana.  A plant starts from a seed, then sprouting leaves, and finally get berries. I arrange gorgeous persimmon trees wishing this new facility will get many achievement  and success in future.

Pine tree has the sacred atmosphere. They never shed leaves even in a strict winter and are always fresh green. So we worship their strength and toughness .

Pampas grass looks like wings of Ikebana. Their fluffy and white figure is unique and recently they are so popular and almost trend at a wedding party in Japan.
I arranged red glory lilies and white Eustoma russellianu. Using red and white color means celebration in Japan.

In front of my completed Ikebana work

I rearranged my Ikebana after the performance at the entrance of the building so that many guests can enjoy that. I really appreciate 2 talented assistants for helping me a lot for 2 days.

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