The Autumnal mountain

2022.10.15 14:21
I created the autumnal mountain with Ikebana.
Persimmon is precious and I couldn’t used before because I have to ask the mountain guys to cut the tree from almost the bottom.
We can use persimmon in Ikebana at the special occasion.
This persimmon tree has mossed branches and they look so gorgeous.
With the red lighting!
Ikebana looks different sometimes with the lighting.  When the red light comes, it looks the mountain with sunset.
This huge Ikebana was presented as the Ikebana demonstration to celebrate a new company. I uploaded the scene of demo to Instagram.  Please check it out!

The blue lines are split bamboo.  A bamboo was split to 32 parts.  A bamboo is of course hard and tough and it never be bent.  But if we cut it to so many pieces, it shows a different expression.  It can be bent freely!
This is the reel movie of my Instagram and you can check the Ikebana more dynamically.

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