Finally Autumn has come!

2023.10.15 19:35

In October, autumn has finally begun to show its face. Summer has been long this year, and I’ve never wanted to wear long sleeves so early.

I think everyone was looking forward to autumn.

In the world of ikebana, autumn is full of abundant flower materials! In summer, we don’t have many branches, so we end up only with leaves, but we are starting to get some beautiful autumn branches. The students create beautiful works one after another. I actually want to introduce them all, but I’ll just pick a few!

A work that organizes the leaves under the branches to create a neat space underfoot along with the beautiful lines of the cosmos.

Works with Halloween in mind

The lines of the wild rose create a sense of tension between it and the floor.

With aspidistra and cockscomb flowers. It’s like a sculpture.

Only one kind with cosmos

Flower materials change rapidly with the seasons, so branches with beautiful autumn leaves are now arriving in the classroom.

I’ll try to report again.

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