The second part of the movie was released!

2017.5.9 09:55

Finally the second part of the movie that I arranged Ikebana works as an Ikebana artist was released and is playing at theaters all over Japan.

Here is a movie trailer and you can see a little bit of my Ikebana.

The director ordered me to make Ikebana that reflected each personality of each character. This guy is called as ” The child of God” as he is a genius in SHOGI world ( SHOGI is a Japanese chess and this movie is about a story that shows inside drama of people who live in SHOGI world)

People think he is weird as his conversation is strange. They believe that he is weird because he is a genius. Actually some genius are really so as they are too smart. However they realize the hidden fact that he is deaf. He hides that and he replies with his imagination in talking with others.  I arranged dogwood and expresses her purity and tranquility covers him up. When he sits down in front of my arrangement, he looks like having 2 wings at his back from the front view.

Can you see another Ikebana arrangement at back in the trailer?

This is an important scene that a young protagonist gets enlightened like being hit by a thunder bolt. I painted a drifted wood with white and expresses the enlightenment and shows the ambition of a young guy with fresh green leaves.

One more arrangement is the one with cherry blossom branches. One game of  SHOGI takes a long hours, sometimes it takes 20 hours. I dropped some flowers on TATAMI on purpose to show the time passage.

I uploaded photos of my Ikebana arrangement in this movie, part 1 and 2,  to Facebook album. Please check it out.  Ikebana arrangements in a movie

The arrangements in the first part of this movie was written in my past blog here.

My Ikebana in the movie, the first part.

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