Demonstration in Shanghai

2017.11.11 15:08

I went to Shanghai to do a workshop and demonstration. I was invited by a big flower company, LAMODA DESIGN, that run flower event and flower shop all over China. They are inviting one flower artist from all over the world on each month of this year, then it turns to be Japanese flower hours as for September.

First day is  my demonstration. I explained about what is Ikebana at first.

My guests were really gentle and earnest to learn a lot.

I talked in English as most of guests can understand that.  There was a kind interpreter always besides me to translate English to Chinese just in case.

Arranged Ikebana with a tall vase and showed a special Ikebana technique to fix flower materials at the exact point I wanted to fix.

First one used a lot of local flowers. It seems that expensive flowers should make a gorgeous Ikebana work, but I don’t think so. Any flowers can be gorgeous flowers if we pick up beautiful aspects of them and put our ideas and emotions in it.

The second work – with Swiss Cheese Plants and Lotus berry.

I made this one with feeling like making a green sculpture.

The third Ikebana- Used a huge palm leaf and cut uniquely.  We can bring out a new attractiveness from a common leaf if we put a new perspective.

I wrap the glass vase with leftover leaf and it looks like Japanese OBI ( It’s like a belt that we use when we put on Kimono).


4th Ikebana- showed a special Ikebana technique how to bend branches with using Siberian Dogwood.

I added Chinese Lantern Plant to the structure, but Chinese people didn’t know that plant very well.

My demonstration was finished!

After nice chatting with guests, we went through the next part.














They desired they could make a huge Ikebana though they have no experience of Ikebana. I thought and thought again and again and finally came up with a good idea, collaboration work!   As for a collaboration work, please check next blog.

Before my event, I went out to Chinese flower market!  It was so exciting!!!

They have diversified flowers than I thought.

This is  local flowers. So big and wild, of course I used at the collaboration work.

The secret tool to make a collaboration Ikebana is this, a long long chopstick.  The staff painted them at night.

The wholesale market of vases. Texture and color is really Chinese and beautiful!

I like the scene they were chatting with drinking coffee for a long time in front of a shop.

Please check the next blog I will review my workshop and making a collaboration work.

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