Ikebana artist, Mika Otani, opened the new Youtube channel!

2022.2.18 20:05

Dear guests who love flowers!

I’m active as an Ikebana artist, Mika Otani. I’ve been studying Ikebana for 34 years now. Ikebana is called as Kado and the Japanese traditional flower arrangement. Fortunately I arrange many Ikebana works on movie, commercials and events. But here I’d like to show you the easy Ikebana you can enjoy at home.

My channel is here

“Fun Ikebana Time”  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFcKiAQ_QEvxTrh0-mwCkig/about

The newest movie is here.

Ikebana has many special techniques actually! Especially when we arrange cherry blossom branches, we use an amazing technique. I show you this technique on this movie. Please turn on the subtitles. She is speaking Japanese, but will translate into English on subtitles.


“How to arrange Tulips with the technique of Ikebana”

This time I arranged 10 tulips with artistic way of Ikebana. As for tulips, please select the long and thin stem tulips, not short and thick ones. If you dry them without water in the way that I showed on the video, their stems become softer and more flexible and you can feature on the beauty of green fresh stems. Ikebana regard branches and leaves as beautiful flower materials as well as flowers themselves. If you arrange tulips with this unusual way, you will be mesmerized by another bold beauty of tulips!


“The white world with Ikebana”

On this movie  I created the White world with Gypsophila, lily, orchid and white painted Kiwi vine. The point materials are vines. I made a movement in my structure with vines. Vines are originally brown because they are already dried. But as for dried materials, we can paint with any colors we like. I painted vines with white color with acrylic color. It’s easy and fun! If you paint them with other colors, the atmosphere will be changed and you can enjoy another Ikebana. Please try!

Please turn on the subtitles button every time to see the explanation.

I try to update my youtube every week, but I’m not sure. Now I’m really a beginner on Youtube and shooting and editing movie is more difficult than arranging Ikebana for me. If you have any request or advise for my youtube, don’t hesitate to give me comment casually. I really appreciate if you subscribe my channel! Thank you!

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