Netflix drama ” House of Ninjas”

2024.2.15 16:47

supervised the flower arrangement for the Netflix drama “House Of Ninjas”!
Distribution starts today, February 15th.
This is a story about a ninja living in modern times! A suspenseful, heart-pounding story.
I thought about the flowers the mother played by Tae Kimura will arrange. The mother isn’t a professional flower artist, but her flowers are reflected by her gentleness, kindness, and warmness. The flowers should be a symbol of happiness.
“Our family is normal!”
The theme of the flowers is “gentle happiness” and “calm days”
The flowers are displayed in the second half of episode 5 where the mother (Tae Kimura) goes, and in the living room in episode 6.
I really like the scene where this flower appears in the second half of episode 5. It really touches my heart. It’s a wonderful scene that conveys the importance of family.
There was a huge house in the setting!  I’m always surprised at the meticulous job of art team.
On the day of the shoot, I had a big event in Osaka, and I entrusted my disciple with a job. Although the design and flower materials had been decided upon after many meetings with the staff, this was the first time I had entrusted it to my apprentice! I was nervous too, but she did a great job! I was truly saved by my disciple who was ready! It was during this shoot that I decided to entrust more and more work to my disciples, and instead of trying to do it alone, I decided to work as a team.
In preparation for filming, I had a meeting with the assistant directors, and coincidentally the staff was shooting it.  How do the actors move, how long does it take, and what is on the table? During the actual performance, my beloved student, Miyako-chan, will be instructing the actress on the movements, so the assistant director has kept this video as a record just in case.
Amazing drama!  Please watch!
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