Interview Show “FREUDE”

2024.2.7 13:51

TV appearance information!
I apperaed on the interview program “FREUDE” which was broadcast on TBS.
Broadcast was from 22:57 to 23:00 on Tuesday, January 30th and Tuesday, February 6th.
I appeared twice.
The videos will remain available on Youtube for one year. Please check them out!
I attached the link to YouTube at the end of this page.

Program content: A human documentary program that conveys to viewers the scenery seen by the “pioneers” who created new values and worldviews (Freude’s scenery), along with the events and feelings of the moment.

I arranged flowers at SOGETSU KAIKAN, the HQ of Ikebana Sogetsu school.
SOGETSU KAIKAN is a building completed in 1977 by architect Kenzo Tange. Despite the passage of time, it still has a very modern, museum-like appearance. The view from inside the glass walls is a tranquil place that makes you feel as if you are floating in the air.
The branches with pink flowers that spread horizontally are red plums. Red plum is one of my favorite flower materials. I wanted to keep the new year’s mood alive and look gorgeous, so I also put a pink Phalaenopsis orchid in the middle.
I will post links to YouTube for both the first and second parts. Please take a look.
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